Chants by ATL Spurs Member Saeed Nobari

Japhet Tanganga (To the tune of Rock the Casbah)

Your wingers don’t like him,
Japh Tanganga!
Japh Tanganga!

Sergio Reguilon (To the tune of Hold Me Now)

Sergio, ooooh Reguilon
Stay with me
Tottenham’s your home
Have some Jamon

Giovanni Lo Celso

There’s something that the Yids want you to know,
Best in the world is Gio Lo Celso
Our Argentine,
Give the ball to Geo every time
Si Senor,
Pass the ball to Gio and he’ll score!

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (a la Roy Kent from Ted Lasso)

He’s here, he’s there,
He’s every fucking where
Hojbjerg! Hojbjerg!

Heung min Son

Who’s that Yid running down the wing?
Heung min Son the Korean king.
He won a gold medal,
No service or war,
Left foot, right foot
As long as he scores.
Hey Sonny! Hey Sonny!
Hey Sonny! Hey Sonny!