Atlanta Spurs is the official supporters’ club of Tottenham Hotspur in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for fans of all ages and backgrounds who share a deep passion for the Lilywhites. From watching matches together and experiencing the electric energy to hosting social events and charity initiatives, Atlanta Spurs is a community where members can connect, celebrate, and support each other as we proudly represent Tottenham Hotspur in Atlanta.

At Atlanta Spurs, we believe in the power of our collective passion for the club to make a positive impact. We strive to create memorable experiences and foster a sense of camaraderie among our members, both on and off the pitch. Whether you’re a lifelong supporter or new to the game, we invite you to join us as we come together to celebrate the highs, navigate the challenges, and build lasting memories as part of the Atlanta Spurs family. Come on you Spurs!


Matt Gragg


Matt is a founding member of ATL Spurs. He fell in love with the team in 1994. He lives in Decatur with Treasurer, Beth, and their two dumpster kitties. Matt’s current favorite Spur is Cuti Romero.

Mark Killian & Tessie


Mark began to avidly follow Tottenham as a member of Boston Spurs back in 2014. He moved to Atlanta and joined Atlanta Spurs in 2018 and this is his second year as a board member. Desperate for a smile on nerve-wracking gamedays, Mark has been bringing Tessie with him to Manny’s since they opened.

Tessie has been joining Vice-Chair board member, Mark Killian, at Manny’s for Spurs games since she adopted him in mid-2019. She loves the crowd at Manny’s for their cuddles, and the staff at Manny’s for giving her bacon every time Tottenham scores! Stop by to say hi if you see her in the bar. COYS! Ruff Ruff!

Beth Davis


Beth joined the board in 2015. She and her husband, board chair Matt, met through their mutual love of Spurs. She is an outspoken advocate of bringing back short shorts to the Premiere League. Her all-time favorite player is Mousa Dembele.

Aviva Summers

Social Media Guru

Aviva is a proud fourth generation Spurs supporter and podcaster/analyst for The Cheese Room podcast. She became social media manager whilst living in Atlanta several years ago and has continued in this role even after moving to Boston. The young blood of the ATL Spurs leadership, she is also very active in the FPL (fantasy premier league) Twitter community.

Ryan Pedersen

Secretary / Lead Designer

Ryan joined the ATL Spurs in January 2022 and manages the club website as well as designing the club merchandise available in the ATL Spurs store. He lives in Decatur with his partner, Jeff, their 2 cats and dog. His favorite Spurs player is Pierre-Emile Højbjerg.

Lindsay Macnamara

Community Outreach Officer